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A Buffy & Angel Icon Challenge
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This is a community for icon makers to make 100 icons of their favorite Buffy/Angel subjects. Whether it's a character, a season, or a ship. But unlike most you can also claim subjects by season or series. So if you liked Willow better in season 6 you could claim S6!Willow instead of claiming Willow in general. If you liked Cordy better in Angel then you could claim Angel!Cordy instead of just Cordy.

How it works:
{one} Join the community. You must be a member to particapate.
{two} Submit a claim for your chosen subject to this post and wait to be approved.
{three} Once approved, you will be given posting access and can start post icons for your claim.
{four} You make 100 icons out of your subject following certain terms and themes. You don't have to do it all in one go...you may post them in small batches each time.
{five} When you've completed the challenge, comment at the Hall of Fame post to get listed. You'll also get a shiny banner to show that you've completed your claim.

As with all communities there are a few rules you need to follow. Any questions? Post them at the FAQ post.


{&&} You may claim any subject as along as it has to do with Buffy or Angel in some way. Just no actors/actresses, porn, or incest claims. For more information see the FAQ post.

{&&} Each subject may only be claimed by one person at any given time. You are allowed a span of three months to complete the 100 icons for your subject, though of course it'd be nice if you finish them sooner than that. This is done so that one person isn't just hogging a subject all the time without making the icons. To prevent "fake claims", you must post at least your first batch within the first 3 weeks of claiming a subject.

{&&} Each person may claim up to two subjects at a time. Additionally, you'll have the same amount of time to complete your icons. So if you've applied for 2 subjects at once, you will still have 3 months to complete 200 icons.

{&&} All 100 icons must contain your subject in them. That's the whole point isn't it? Your icon can include other characters as long as your subject is in the icon as well. While this is allowed, I would recommend you to do it sparingly and to please remember to try and keep your icons focused on your subject.

{&&} If your claim is specific to a certain season or series all icons much remain in that specific season or series. Meaning if you claim S5!Dawn all your icons must be of Dawn from season 5 and no other season.

{&&} You do not have to post 100 icons in one go. You can break them up into smaller batches...say about a minimum of 10 or more per post so that the community won't clog up everyone's friends pages with single icon posts. Please put your icons behind a cut! You are allowed to preview up to 4 icons outside of the cut. And before you ask, yes...you're allowed to do fake cuts if you wish - all I ask is that you state clearly that it's a fake cut.

{&&} If your icon contains questionable rating content, please post a noticeable warning and place all of those icons behind a cut. You MUST do this! And while I know this should be pretty obvious, please no porn movies.

{&&} Please make new icons for this challenge. It defeats the point and isn't much fun if you just dig out old icons you have of your subject and post them as part of your 100 icons. Also, while icon makers of all levels are welcome...please put effort into your icons. Don't just crop a picture and slap text on it. You're supposed to be devoted to your subject, so show it in your icons!

{&&} Out of the 100 icons you make, part of the challenge is to make 50 of them following a particular set of themes. These themes are included down below and can be taken pretty much any way you like. You can use them as the text on your icon or you can use it purely as an abstract interpretation. For example, in the "red" theme, your icon can represent that theme in terms of the actual color of your icon...or if red reminds you of anger as in seeing red, your icon can show anger, etc. Be creative!

So basically, 50 of your icons are free choice, meaning you can do whatever you like with it as long as it pertains to your subject. And the other 50 has to follow a given set of themes to make it a bit more challenging. Note: You do not have to make your icons in the order of these themes. You can make them in any order but each theme can only be counted once. Don't make 5 icons of one theme and skip some other themes entirely.

Please know that these themes are included for extra fun and challenge. There's no theme police around here to determine if your icon qualifies under said theme. All in all, just have fun with them.

{&&} When posting your icons to the community, please do it in this format:

Subject: (what you've claimed i.e; Buffy Summers or Season 5 of Angel)
Batch: (what batch you're on, which number of icons are in that batch, etc.) Ex.: Batch 1 // 1 - 21
Themes: (the themes that you are using in your icons, if any)
Additonal Notes: (like credits, disclaimers, your rules of usage if someone wants to use your icons, etc.)

And then your icons, of course. It would also help greatly if you could include the batch number and/or how many icons you've completed so far. This just helps me and the members see how far you've progressed...and it's also easier on me when I sort them into the community archives.

And that's about it. Please take a look at the FAQ page for more miscellaneous info or if you have a question, you can ask there as well.


001. Crazy 002. Love 003. Kiss 004. Death 005. Truimph
006. Forever 007. Blue 008. Red 009. Pink 010. Joy
011. Sadness 012. Trouble 013. Magical 014. Fun 015. Fight
016. Beginning 017. End 018. Guilt 019. Forgiveness 020. Smile
021. Black & White 022. Food 023. Mine 024. Outside 025. Hush
026. Light 027. Darkness 028. Secrets 029. Written 030. Courage
031. Fear 032. Good 033. Evil 034. Different 035. Alone
036. Together 037. Right 038. Wrong 039. Memories 040. Lost
041. Dream 042. Playful 043. Water 044. Torn 045. Broken
046. Far Away 047. Colorful 048. Wonder 049. Beautiful 050. Breakdown


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Creator: americangrl69
Maintainer: americangrl69 & spy_time
Mod/Claims List Keeper: americangrl69
Expired Claims Notifier: americangrl69
Banner Makers: americangrl69

I'm currently looking for other banner makers. If you're interested please post a comment at the FAQ post, letting me know and also include a sample banner.

Also feel free to promote the community. The more members the better.